Mission Statement

        Our mission is to provide people of all nationalities, cultures, and economies with the chance to enhance  the  brilliance of beauty in their lives through creating affordable jewelry of supreme quality achieved  within  an  intimate  working  environment  that  revolves  around  the  positive  relationship between  all  stakeholders;   the world deserves the innovative vision, depth of culture, and personal pride that we instill within each and every one of our carefully handcrafted products. 


                                               The Culture of Our Jewelry
        Since  the  first  ancient  civilizations, jewelry has served as a universal embodiment of beauty as well as  a  distinguishing symbol for  its specific  culture,  reflecting the societal  values in the creative expression  of  art.  Ancient  civilizations  utilized  jewelry  as  an  outlet to channel  their fantasies and dreams  so  they  could  craft these gorgeous relics of reality.  Today, the realm of  jewelry- especially fashion jewelry- has evolved to pervade nearly everyone's life in some way,but a lot of the culture has been lost.
        At Lauren-Spencer, we believe looking stunning should be meaningful, affordable, and fun. Each piece of our exquisite jewelry is still handcrafted from beginning to end as history intended it,and how it still should be.Our products are hand carved and hand polished utilizing century old jewelry-making secrets alongside  the  use  of modern,  state-of-the-art  instruments  in order  to  retain culture all the while maximizing beauty.
      With these skills,we become creators.Our finely crafted jewelry becomes a tangible representation of vivid visions and fantasies, artistic expressions drawn from the dreams and desires of individuals. The  existence  of  dream,  fantasy,  and  desire  in the world  is  the  passion and essence which we harness to achieve art, fashion, and beauty.
        The brilliance and virtue of our jewelry creations lies within the power of the raw material we use called "Crystal," which even the most ancient cultures ascribed it beneficial and  valuable.  To unlock Crystal's  full  potential  we  must  manipulate  it  in  conjunction  with other  versatile metals  in order  to forge the most eloquent piece of jewelry,  an  embodiment of the world of fantasy and dream from which it came.
      Today, the world of Fine Fashion Jewelry has become a symbol and reflection for the imagination of mankind,  allowing  one  to  freely express spirit and mood through resplendence and beauty. The world  lives  through  feeling  and  emotion,  and  our  jewelry  embodies  this  very  essence.  Let our luxurious jewelry help you display the beauty of your inner self.

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